Activate the services you want

The possibilities are virtually endless with Modalizy Flex. You choose the services you want to use. You’ll save time and money and avoid administrative complications thanks to its simple online management.


Thanks to our digital management tool and easy-to-use mobility card, you won’t have to worry about the implementation and success of your plan.

Reward or motivate your employees at the right times or for special occasions, for example, a birth, a retirement, the end of the year, seniority, etc.

Create incentives and special promotions for your customers, partners, suppliers, residents, etc.

Quick start-up: use our digital management tool for maximum administrative simplification and get everything in a clear and detailed statement.

100% personalised: choose the available budget and service(s) you want to open thanks to a multiservice card. Your users aren’t tied to a given chain or brand.

Modalizy Flex

Modalizy Flex is an all-in-one payment solution which enables you to meet very specific needs. It’s an innovative digital management tool for your cafeteria plan, your flexible plan or your remuneration policy for various employee benefits.

A pre-paid mobility card which ensures that there are no budget overruns.

By default, you can use Modalizy Flex with over 200 mobility operators, for business travel and for related expenses. However, we can activate more services on request

Easy payments for users with their payment card

Digital tools reduce your administrative tasks and facilitate management

Real-time visibility for all Flex cards, transactions and balances via MyModalizy

A clear, detailed monthly statement.

Questions about Modalizy Flex

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You can use the Flex card for a wide range of services. All services which can be paid for with a credit card are eligible for payment via the Flex card. Your imagination is the only limit.

Yes, you can tailor the services available for each user

The Modalizy Flex card is accepted throughout the European Economic Area + Switzerland

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