Thanks to Modalizy, in one go, you can remove all the constraints linked to your business travels!

With this all-in-one mobility solution, you benefit from advantages at every level of your company: for your employees, your accounting, your positioning in relation to the stakes of mobility and sustainable development…

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The ideal mobility solution for the self-employed and SMBs

Modalizy is the ideal mobility solution for the self-employed and SMBs who want to focus on what is essential, avoid wasting time and ensure their profitability.

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A Godsend for Mobility Managers

Modalizy provides you with the tools to implement a genuine mobility strategy for your company.

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An all-in-one solution for company bosses

With Modalizy, you offer maximum flexibility to your employees for their business travels and you can also benefit from many advantages!

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An extra selling point for your recruitment

Offer an attractive mobility package to your employees and future recruits as well as committing your company to a sustainable, forward-thinking approach.

Release your teams’ mobility


New day-to-day liberty for all!

Car, train, bus, tram, underground, taxi or even bicycle: as a Modalizy user, you can choose the means of transport best suited to your needs at any moment.

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