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Travel anywhere thanks to our unique network of mobility partners in Belgium!

  • eCab
  • The Loft
  • Transforma
  • Blue Corner
  • Libia Vélo
  • TEC
  • De Lijn
  • BePark
  • Villo!
  • OCTA+
  • Q8
  • Lukoil
  • Interparking
  • Avia
  • NextRide
  • CarAsap
  • Zen Car
  • V-tax
  • Antwerp tax
  • Commuty
  • SNCB
  • Power
  • Gabriëls
  • DCB
  • Heroad
  • Indigo
  • Esso
  • Texaco
  • Maes
  • G&V
  • Slim naar Antwerpen
  • Europcar

How does it work?

Do you want to centralise all your mobility in one place? With Modalizy, you can! Be streetwise in the way you think about mobility: rather than using the car at all costs, combine it with more sustainable modes of transport: public transport, shared bikes, taxis, electric scooters, car shares… All these options are open to you thanks to Modalizy. A mobility solution to suit everyone’s needs!

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Our products


  • Modalizy Flex

    The Modalizy Flex Mastercard® makes HR management much easier! Offer your employees a cafetaria plan and add the choice of alternative travel options.

    • Electric bike? Sustainable mobility solutions? Or other services? All these options are open to your employees thanks to Modalizy Flex Mastercard®.
    • The complete management tool for your cafetaria plan. Flex gives you the flexibility to add the services which suit you!
    • Choose from a wide range of mobility benefits and other options to offer your staff.
  • Modalizy Pass

    The Modalizy Pass Mastercard® allows you to access all mobility options in Belgium and Europe. Manage your business travel with ease.

    • Pay and manage your expenses for public transport, shared bikes, electric scooters, co-working spaces, car shares, and much more besides!
    • The card allows you to access all mobility options in Belgium and Europe, so no more expense claims!
    • Still want more? Add the option to pay for a hotel room, settle a restaurant bill, take a plane or refuel anywhere in Europe. For a nominal fee, the world is your oyster.
  • Modalizy Budget

    The Modalizy Budget Mastercard® is the only all-in-one solution for managing your mobility budget!

    • Are your employees opting for greener, less polluting vehicles? Then they can benefit from a mobility budget to ensure that their journeys include sustainable modes of transport.
    • Public transport, electric mopeds, scooters, rented bikes, car shares, chauffer-driven cars, etc. All services included in the mobility budget are easily accessible thanks to Modalizy Budget Mastercard®.
    • A prepaid card for managing your employees’ mobility budgets.

Managing your travel expenses

Manage your employees’ cards and expenses on a secure platform and on our app. Track your travel expenses and see what your employees are using. Thanks to our app, you can find all the mobility options which are nearby. Your employees can also use it to buy their tickets for public transport.

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Our benefits

We guarantee that we will help you to find the solution to all your mobility problems. Modalizy allows you to manage your mobility budget (2nd pillar), your business trips and your cafetaria plan with the help of a card to suit your needs, a management platform and an app.

  • Buy your public transport tickets on our app
  • A simple and intuitive management platform
  • The answer to all your mobility needs
  • Reclaim VAT on as many business trips as possible
  • No more expense claims, we will send you a clear and detailed invoice

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  • Thanks to Modalizy, our company makes less expense reports, which saves us time and money. We have a complete reporting that also allows us to analyze all our mobility expenses. In addition we enjoy significant VAT benefits. As a user, I appreciate the ease of finding the appropriate and available means of transportation, the user interface of the mobile site and the dynamics of Modalizy with a growing number of partners as well as partner countries.

  • Thanks to Modalizy, I no longer need to keep all my receipts. I receive a detailed invoice every end of the month covering all my mobility expenses. It's really great !

  • Getting around town has never been easier thanks to the Modalizy mobile app! I have a clear overview of all the transportation means nearby and I can easily pay for all my travels with the Modalizy Pass Mastercard® wink

  • Now that my team uses the Modalizy Pass Mastercard®, stressing about arriving on time for a meeting is part of the past ! yes

  • Franck Willems
    CFO Ingestic
  • Thomas Hermine
    Founder - Project Manager
  • Iris R.
    PR Specialist
  • Vincent D.
    Marketing Manager

Modalizy Mobile Application

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