Mobility Budget

Whether you are a large company, an SME or an independent, a mobility budget is important for everyone. A reflection on mobility within a company will sooner or later become necessary and Modalizy is the all-in-one solution that helps you in this process.

Thanks to our multimodal offer you can now allocate and manage several mobility budgets and have better control over the travel costs within your company.

Each manager now has the possibility to assign a mobility budget to its users or to a category of users. The manager can create categories and assign users to them.

In order to be as complete as possible, several possibilities are available to the manager:

  1. Assign a global budget or a separate mobility and fuel budget
  2. Decide on the type of carry-over of the unused budget
    1. No carry over: unused balance is lost
    2. Balance carry over: the unused balance or credit is carried over to a chosen period
    3. Reset carry over: the budget is reset at a chosen time
  3. When the budget is exceeded, this excess may:
    1. Either be charged to the user: cost overrun
    2. Or be subtracted from the budget of the following period

Each user can be allocated a budget for all his business trips or a separate budget for mobility and for his full fuel and / or electric refills. He can justify all his expenses and specify whether it is a

  1. Commute (Home-work trip)
  2. Business trip
  3. Private trip