Agoria trusts us


Agoria means progress through technology. They are paving the way for all technology-inspired companies in Belgium pursuing progress internationally through the development or application of innovations and which, together, represent some 300,000 employees. They can count on more than 1,800 member companies' trust in the three pillars of their services: consulting, business development and the creation of an optimal business environment.

We are very proud that a company as prestigious as Agoria trusts us and offers our services to its members. This new partnership is another step towards multimodal mobility within a global framework.

The advantages of our Modalizy Pass solution:

  • Administrative time savings
  • More time to work by taking the train for example
  • Impact on congestion and the environment
  • Better management of expenses and recovery of VAT
  • A performant tool for HR / Mobility managers
  • Ease and flexibility for employees
  • Attractive mobility package for future employees
  • Increased mobility and ease within the company
  • Simplified management with a single invoice
  • Powerful geolocation mobile app for all mobility services
  • Purchase public transport tickets in our app