Modalizy refill

Fill the tank of your car or recharge your electric vehicle with one of ouf partners using the Modalizy Refill card.

Modalizy Refill is a fuel card that also gives you access to electric recharging terminals for your electric or hyrbid car.

Use it as a complement to the Modalizy Pass Mastercard® card and benefit from an all-in-one mobility solution to manage all of your business travel expenses!

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Fill up your tank anywhere in Belgium

The Modalizy Refill card works like a conventional fuel card. It is accepted at OCTA+, Esso, Lukoil, Q8, Texaco, Avia, Gabriëls, G&V, Maes, Power and the DCB network. In addition, you enjoy access to a network of more than 1.850 gas stations in Belgium, one of the biggest networks in the country!

Recharge your electric vehicle

If you drive an electric vehicle, then recharge your batteries at electric charging stations using your Modalizy Refill card!

Simplify your mobility!

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Our partners

Travel anywhere thanks to our unique network of mobility partners in Belgium!

  • Blue Corner
  • OCTA+
  • Q8
  • Lukoil
  • Avia
  • NextRide
  • Power
  • Gabriëls
  • DCB
  • Esso
  • Texaco
  • Maes
  • G&V