Easy access to mobility

With over 200 mobility providers available, you’ll enable your employees to quickly reach their destination using the means of transport they choose. Do you have questions about how to implement a mobility policy in your company? Book a free, no-obligation demo with one of our consultants and discover:

How Modalizy can improve the well-being of your employees and enhance your employer brand

How employees can choose, combine and pay for their own means of transport without having to sign individual third-party payer agreements

How our platform provides real-time visibility on all cards, budgets allocated and transactions

How Modalizy saves time and money thanks to its complete management tool, clear statistics, reports and statements

How we can put you on the right track with our mobility policy and contracts designed by experts

Real-time visibility for expenses and available balances

With our application, Modalizy users get:

    An overview of all of their cards

    Real-time visibility of all expenses and remaining budgets (for mobility budgets, cafeteria plans and tailored solutions)

    The ability to find the closest service and charging stations and to get to them

    Access to the configuration of cards to block them or recover their PIN codes

    The option to document transactions on request


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