The mobility budget creates opportunities for both SMEs and large companies in a complex labour market. Without any additional costs for you, the employer. The mobility budget is not restricted to mobility. Major mobility budget benefits:

A greener mobility policy, which is both more sustainable and better thought out within your company

An attractive solution from a tax standpoint and savings for your vehicle fleet management

Position yourself as an attractive employer that emphasises well-being

Develop attractive and flexible tailored remuneration plans.

The three pillars of the mobility budget

The mobility budget is the 2023 version of the traditional company vehicle. You add the annual cost of the vehicle, the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), in a virtual envelope. It’s up to your employee to make their own choices within the legal framework. Employees can spend in three different ways.

Modalizy Budget

Is the mobility budget difficult to implement? Absolutely not. With Modalizy Budget, we have a comprehensive solution that relieves you of daily management. You're familiar with the Total Cost of Ownership, the starting point for the mobility budget. Enter it into the management platform, and your most challenging task is accomplished. Paying for your employee's accommodation, paying for mobility services, managing transactions within the legal framework – we take care of everything. No loose receipts, no expense reports, no hassle with reimbursements.

A complete administration and management tool for all employees

A real-time view of the mobility budget pillars at all times

Management and payment of housing expenses

Complete coverage of all authorised mobility services, including outside of Belgium

No risk of overspending the budget

Less administration and simplified management

White paper: everything you need to know about the mobility budget.

In our white paper you’ll learn about:

    The benefits of the mobility budget for SMEs and large companies.

    The changes made to the mobility budget.

    A detailed example and answers to all of the questions companies ask us most often.

    The ease of implementation of the mobility budget and how Modalizy can help you.

Questions about Modalizy Budget

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All employees who have a company vehicle or who are eligible for one.
The mobility budget is also available to the public sector. For contract staff as well as statutory members.
Employees who are also managers of the company can benefit from a mobility budget if they have a company vehicle or are eligible for one.

As of 1 January, the mobility budget includes the public transport passes of employee family members living under the same roof.


    Trains, trams, buses


    Vehicles with a driver, taxis


    Shared vehicles


    Short-term vehicle rentals (max. 30 days a year)


    Shared bicycles


    Shared scooters


    Shared electric scooters


    Shops and sites specialising in bicycles and accessories

All of these services are available in the European Economic Area.

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