The mobility budget,
simplified and more accessible!
Everything you need to know about the Mobility Budget
The post-Covid era has completely changed the way we work. Remote work is now part of normal business and has an impact on our travel. It’s the right time for you to explore the mobility budget! We answer all of your questions and more in our mobility budget guide. The mobility budget lets employees exchange their current company vehicle for a mobility budget. This enables them to pay for housing expenses and expenses related to soft mobility.
Do you want to know more about the mobility budget? Are you planning to implement one in your company?
Our guide brings together all of the information on the topic!
The white paper includes:
A definition of the mobility budget
Why it can be valuable to implement a mobility budget at your company
The major changes since January 2022
The answers to your questions
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Enter your annual budgets and our platform will calculate the rest. Rental/mortgage expenses are paid directly to the user’s account
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